The Journey Begins – About Me

Before I get into the details of this blog, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dina Elshurafa and I am a Public Relations student at Western University. London born and raised, I’ve spent my life eating my way through the city. My passion for communication, the world of social media, and of course food, led me to start documenting my eating adventures for friends and family to follow.

With this blog, I want to elaborate not just on the taste of the meal, but highlight why you need to make the unique location your next stop by discussing the décor, ambience, and the overall restaurant experience. I want to showcase London Ontario as an up and coming hot spot for any foodies’ cravings whether it is salty or sweet.

The truth is that our very own city is filled with hidden gems that serve delicious meals and unique dishes; the only problem is that no one is talking about these uncovered locations. From retro style diners, to hipster coffee shops and whimsically lit outdoor patios, you don’t need to travel far to get that perfect “Instaworthy” shot while enjoying a bite to eat.


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