Take a shot ~ National Coffee Day is just around the corner

Take a shot – of espresso in honour of National Coffee Day this upcoming September 29th. When you ask Londoners about where they go to for their daily dose of caffeine, the answer usually divides folks into two categories. On one side we have the boring but loyal Canadian Timmies lovers, and on the other we have the basic Starbucks addicts whose hearts skip a beat every time they’re handed a cup with their name sloppily written across it.

This week I’m encouraging coffee lovers across the city to break out of their routines and try new up and coming cafés in the city. Today I will chat about one of my newly discovered favourites.


source: betterwfood | 1018 menu

10Eighteen Café

Pour over coffee, fresh roasted espresso and vegan friendly baked goods are just some of the delicacies you’ll enjoy at 10eighteen.

The smell of fresh dipped coffee at the hipster joint located at 1018 Dundas Street creates a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who walks in. The interior of the café is brightly lit with natural sunlight and decorated simply with neutral colours, rustic wooden tables and white chairs.


source: betterwfood | fresh dripped coffee

Charcuterie boards, fresh sandwiches and artisan croissants are served all day from 7:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. to meet your salty cravings. If you have more of a sweet tooth, the Nanaimo bars and vegan donuts are my top picks when I want something sweet to compliment my pour over. Asides from coffee, you can also order a wide range of flavoured drinks, iced or warm to help wash down whatever delicious snack you choose to grab during your visit.

source: betterwfood | cappuccino + peanut butter nanaimo bar

Leave a comment below with your favourite coffee shop and why I should visit it!


3 thoughts on “Take a shot ~ National Coffee Day is just around the corner

  1. A: BIG applause for calling out Timmies shills for the uncultured sheep they are
    B: BIGGER applause for showcasing 10Eighteen, one of my favourite shops in London
    C: Check out Locomotive Espresso is you’ve never been. They’re small, but they host brews from all over the world and will work with you to figure what coffee would best suit your current mood. some of the best coffees I’ve ever had have been from Locomotive!


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