Let’s Taco Bout It – #NationalTacoDay

It’s #NationalTacoDay and if you’re a dedicated taco lover like myself, then you’ve probably already had a breakfast of champs and are now thinking about how many more tacos you can possibly consume before the end of the day. There are two great restaurants for tacos that have recently opened up in the last year here in London, Ontario.

Dos Tacos

Dos Tacos has a quite a simple layout since it is not a sit down style restaurant. It’s a small brightly lit restaurant with a few tables and stools and one large menu hanging on the wall. Along with the simple décor, the menu is also pretty simple. You have five options for your filling which are either cali chicken, carne asada beef, the codfather, shrimp, or yam (vegetarian friendly). Once you pick the filling, you get to decide if you want it in a salad, taco or loaded over fries.

source: betterwfood | carne asada + codfather tacos


I have personally experimented with all the different combinations, heavily relying on my mood to decide my order. When I’m having an off healthy day I go for the salad, when I’m stressed I run to the loaded fries for comfort and then there’s the days where I want the classic taco. To top it off, you can also get an order of delicious, fresh churros covered in caramel and chocolate sauce.

source: betterwfood |shrimp salad

Los Lobos

Los Lobos is a sit down style authentic Mexican restaurant. The interior of this place is mind-blowing. The dark atmosphere when you walk in automatically creates a unique vibe. The dark painted walls are filled with loads of different artwork and the tables themselves are decorated with illustrations of skulls and crosses. The menu itself has a whole range of options, not only limited to tacos. There are burritos, enchiladas and a host of other appetizers you can snack on while you enjoy some Mexican tequila.


source: betterwfood | chicken + fish tacos

source: betterwfood | beef cheek tacos


Final Verdict

If you want a sit down style restaurant with a fun, unique atmosphere I would definitely hit up Los Lobos. The friendly servers, dark interior and loud music are sure to make your next night out one to remember.

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious bite to eat then Dos Tacos is the place to go. Conveniently located on #Richmondrow, it’ll only take you a few minutes out of your day to grab a quick lunch or even a late night munchie since they’re open till 3:00 A.M. on Friday and Saturday.

If you’re stuck between both options and can’t decide, hit up both! No one here is judging. Happy #NationalTacoDay 🙂


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