Local Diner Favourite

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner you’re craving – The Early Bird can deliver! This local diner is a London, ON favourite that every Londoner must visit at least once. In fact, this diner has been featured on the Food Network Canada show “You Gotta Eat Here”.

They have a big menu with a ton of options for any person, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. Their dishes feature fresh and local ingredients and everything is made in house from their delicious sauces to their cured meats. The plates look good and taste even better, you can really taste the quality in all their dishes. Their portions are huge so be sure to show up with a hearty appetite, while sporting some comfortable sweat pants.

Breakfast options include egg hashes, eggs benedict, waffles, pancakes, french toast and much more! My personal favourites include the greggs benny and the fruit pancakes.

source – betterwfood | greggs benny


source – betterwfood | fruit cakes


source – betterwfood | toad in a hole

source – betterwfood | fat elvis
source – betterwfood | french toast

They also have a wide range of delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and other sandwiches made with smoked and cured meats.

source – betterwfood | phillie sandwich
source – betterwfood | hot chicken sandwich

Perogies, poutines, salads and soups are also available in full dish or side options.

source – betterwfood | Perogie Poutine

The interior of this place is super funky and you never run out of things to look at. The walls are decorated with posters and music memorabilia. The tables are also filled with hard rock pieces of decor.

source – betterwfood | interior wall at early bird


The Early Bird doesn’t take any reservations so you can expect long wait times. Be sure to show up early on weekends if you’re heading there for brunch!


5 thoughts on “Local Diner Favourite

  1. As I’m not from London I have yet to try out the Early Bird. However, I have heard amazing things about this restaurant from many people in and outside of London. The only thing that has deterred me from going is the dreaded wait to be seated. Seeing your images has me drooling … I will definitely have to take my chances and wait in the line this weekend to try it out.


  2. I love the Early Bird! It’s definitely on my list of top brunch places in London. My favourite is the Fat Elvis, but after looking at your pictures I really want to try the philly and the french toast! You’re right–there’s usually a wait, but it’s worth it.


  3. There used to be a bar beside the Early Bird called the Nite Owl. NO use led to play Motown and Soul music on Fridays, and I loved going there. We’d d since all night and then go to the Early Bird for 2am breakfast. Loved the decor, with all the KISS artwork


  4. This is actually one of my favourite places to eat and I stumbled upon it last year with my partner. I love how they have random stickers under the glass on the tables. When I first went there, based on the name alone, I thought it would be a cute diner where my grandmother would go at 6 a.m. Imagine my surprise! Great post Dina.


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