Whether you’re happy, sad, stressed or celebrating an event, ice-cream is always the perfect choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s scorching hot or freezing cold outside because true Canadians enjoy ice-cream all year round.

Roli Poli 

This cute little shop opened its doors in 2017 and is located in the heart of downtown London. They make homemade hand-rolled ice-cream and fresh hard scooped ice-cream, in both vegan and dairy-free options. They are super playful with flavours and textures and are always introducing wild new ideas. You can try one of their menu creations or customize your own by picking the flavours and toppings you want. Get it in a cup, cone, or in a freshly made Hong Kong bubble waffle.


source: betterwfood | custom hand-rolled ice-cream

You can even get it in a taco cone that can be customized with your favourite toppings.

source: betterwfood |custom ice-cream treat

If you find a flavour that you love, pick it up in a pint to go and take home one of their ice-cream pies or ice-cream cupcakes as well!

Haven’s Creamery

The first thing you smell when you walk into this adorable little shop is the smell of fresh waffle cones being prepared. Forget fancy toppings and all the extra frills because Ice-cream at Haven’s is exactly what it should be. Simple, classic ice-cream that is bursting with flavour. The owner of the shop herself creates all the recipes and makes batch-by-batch ice-cream. They use seasonal and local ingredients to make new feature flavours every month.

source: betterwfood | feature wall + ice-cream

My personal favourite is the coffee flavour which is made with coffee beans sourced from a downtown local cafe called Black Walnut.

source: betterwfood |feature flavoured ice-cream


You can also take any flavour that you love home with you by purchasing a pint to go. If the flavour you want isn’t available, the staff will be more than happy to scoop one up for you and they’ll pack some delicious warm cones to go with it!

What’s your favourite ice-cream shop in London, ON ?


One thought on “LOCAL ICE-CREAM

  1. Havens is my favourite! It’s only a 1 minute walk from my apartment, which is very dangerous for my waist line and bank account. My favourite flavour happens to be the coffee one as well. I’ve also never appreciated cones so much until I tried Havens because, like you said, they are freshly made in store and are so flavourful. I also love Chil because they have tons of vegan flavours and they even have vegan cookie dough as a topping!


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